Hydraulic version


Lever opens/closes die head. Start/stop and emergency stop buttons are located on the front side of the machine. Lockable main switch on right-hand short side of machine. Handwheel operated carriage and jaw vice. Thread length is set manually with a stop on a metric scale. Switches for spindle on/off and cooling on/off is located on the spindle cover. Seamless adjustment of cutting speed by the means of a knob on the spindle cover.

Hydraulics save labour and enhance capacity

The hydraulic equipment provides operators with a pair of strong extra hands for heavier operations. The equipment ensures higher production capacity and less muscular effort, while also allowing one operator to mind two machines at the same time, thereby enhancing earnings capacity. The jaw vice is operated by a hydraulic piston that effectively holds the work piece in place during thread cutting.


• Sealed cabinet with air filters

• Cooling fans for electrical components.

• Integrated hydraulic unit.

• Oil-Hydraulic clamping with 4 tons capacity

(max. working pressure 120 bar).

HMV GM 07-50 H / GM 07-100 H

Hydraulic medium to heavy duty

Thread cutting machine


Motor output 5,5 kW

Max torque 500 Nm

Max. thread length 475 mm

Clamping grip range 8-50 mm

Thread diameter range 10– 50 mm



Motor output 11 kW

Max torque 1000 Nm.

Max. thread length 425 mm.

Clamping grip range 16-95 mm

Thread diameter range 16—95 mm

50 H

100 H


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