Semi-automatic version

HMV GM 07-50 SA / GM 07-100 SA

Semi-automatic Hydraulic

Medium to heavy duty

Thread cutting machines


How it works

The driving motor of the die head sends RPM data to the PLC computer to calculate the correct RPM for the motor powering the ball screw for the selected thread pitch. The PLC computer monitors and corrects the RPM of the ball screw during operation if necessary. The material thereby exhibit significantly more accurate thread pitch than material that has been threaded in a manual machine or with a threading chaser. The optosensors on the die head protection cover signals when the material reaches the dies in order to achieve the exact thread length. Cooling fluid is sprayed on cutting surfaces during threading. When the thread length is reached, the cooling spray ceases, the die head opens and the carriage is fed back to the loading position. If the carriage unintentionally moves to close to the die head, the die head opens automatically.


• Sealed cabinet with air filters

• Cooling fans for electrical components.

• Integrated hydraulic unit.

• Oil-Hydraulic clamping with 4 tons capacity

(max. working pressure 120 bar).

• Frequency controlled motor

• PLC-controlled carriage feed synchronized

to pitch and spindle speed.

• Manual loading – automatic thread sequence.

• Standard threads pre-programmed.




Push-button control box opens/closes vice and die head. Emergency stop is also located on the control panel. Start/stop buttons on front side of machine. Lockable main switch on right- hand short side of machine. The operator panel controls all other functions such as:


From the jog menu

• Thread diameter

• Thread length

• Start position of carriage

• Thread pitch

• Cutting speed

• Coolant on/off

• Length from optosensorsto dies

• Switch to reverse direction of rotation for left-hand threads

• Manually work the die head

• Manually work the carriage

• Manually work the jaw vice


Motor output 5,5 kW

Max torque 500 Nm

Max. thread length 470 mm

Clamping grip range 8-50 mm

Thread diameter range 10– 50 mm



Motor output 11 kW

Max torque 1000 Nm.

Max. thread length 420 mm.

Clamping grip range 16-95 mm

Thread diameter range 16—95 mm

50 SA

100 SA


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