GM 07 Series

The GM 07 machines

are specifically designed

for thread cutting.















The operating time per thread length is considerably shorter than what can be achieved, for example, on a lathe. The finished thread is produced in a single cutting operation, irrespective of thread pitch or the intial diameter of the material. The work piece is fixed in the clamp and fed towards the rotating die head that guides the thread. The machines feature simple and robust design and are easy to operate, even by low-skilled staff.


The GM 07 machine series offers a manual (M), hydraulic (H) and semi-automatic (SA) version.


All versions are available with a standard die head for medium thread cutting (07-50). The hydraulic and semi-automatic versions are available with a large die head for larger and coarser work pieces (07-100).



Robust construction for continuous operation. Die head with regrindable tangential HSS threading dies. Strong welded machine stand with integrated coolant pump, 40 liter coolant tank and 50 liter removable chip drawer on telescopic rails with ball bearings designed for traverse crane attachment. Die head protection cover with built-in cooling spray nozzle. Relocating the machine is easy thanks to the fork lift channels in the bottom of the machine stand.



Cog belt drive eliminates the need for a gearbox and gives way for a low noise level. The cog belt is made out of extra durable polyurethane that is pre-stressed with a stretch stable steel cord. Seamless adjustment of die head speed from 3 to 350 rpm. Max. cutting speed standard dies up to 15 m/min. Max. cutting speed coated dies up to 20 m/min. The carriage runs on ball screw and linear guides to ensure a reliable and smooth movement.


Die head

The die head comes equipped with die holders for right-hand threads but can also be equipped for left-hand threads if needed. The same die holder is used for all threading dies within respective diameter interval. The entire working range can be covered with a single set of die holders. The tangential cutting system makes for good chip clearance, coupled with high cutting and production capacity. Graduated spindle for precision adjustment of thread diameter.


Clamping fixture

Strong, distortion-resistant vice with specially hardened jaws that are easily replaced. The jaw vice is symmetrical meaning the work piece self centers when clamping to ensure a correct grip.


Lubrication cooling

Robust, tried and tested, electric lubricant pump with high delivery rate. The generous supply of thread-cutting oil is a necessity in order to achieve clean-cut threads and a long service life for the dies.



We offer a handful of different variations of the GM thread cutting machines. Which one fits your needs?



GM 07 M (Manual)

Manual vice


GM 07-50 H / GM 07-100 H (Hydraulic)

Oil-hydraulic-pneumatic vice


GM 07-50 SA / GM 07-100 SA (Semi-automatic)

Oil-hydraulic-pneumatic vice

Semi-automatic operation


Control panel


• High operating efficiency

• High precision operation

• Heavy duty capacity

• High build quality

• High safety

• Easy to operate

• For piece and series production.

• For industry, metalworking, installation.








Metric threads

Straight pipe threads

Tapered pipe threads

Quality product

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