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• GM-MU Material dispenser


The material dispenser is mounted on the carriage of the thread cutting machine. The dispenser moves the threaded bar from the vice to a pallet or to a post machining process. The only manual labour required is to load the material and start the threading sequence.



• FE-07 Chamfering unit


The chamfering unit chamfers the bar before thread cutting in order to obtain the correct thread entrance. The unit can also be used to sharpen bars with a diameter of up to 20 mm (e.g. wooden screw). It has a separate coolant tank, pump and chip container.



• SL-07 Extra removable chip drawer


To minimize stoppage while emptying chips.





• SV-07 Trolley for chip drawer


For transporting chip drawer to other location.



• Standard thread dies


The tried and tested re-grindable HMV tangential thread cutting dies for diameter 16 - 100mm, ¼" - 2, are optimized for extremely easy starting action, easy thread cutting and clean-cut threads. The dies are made of high-speed steel, permitting high cutting speeds, high quality threads and long tool life. The dies can be used for thread-cutting at cutting speeds of up to 12m/min (appropriate coolant must be used).


Metric threads per Swedish standard SS 1700, preference 1 and 2.

Inch threads per Swedish standard SS 1713, preference 1 and 2.

Withworth pipe threads according to SS-ISO 228/1.


• Dies with two-step chamfering

Optimized for threading reinforcement bars.


• Chamfering dies


• Special thread dies

We will upon request manufacture dies for any threads, standard or per your specification, for diameter 16 - 100mm, ¼" - 2".


• Special anti-stick coating

Optional for all dies. Prolongs the life span and better performance. With the coating, the dies can be used for thread-cutting at cutting speeds of up to 20m/min (appropriate coolant must be used). Some materials have a tendency to stick to the cutting teeth. The coating minimizes this problem.





• Relocation of jaw vice


For threading of long bars (Semi-auto only)

With detachable pneumatic rod support on the carriage. Number of relocations and length is programmed in the PLC. Rod support before and after machine not included.




• Laser guide


Helps the operator to place the material in the right position to achieve correct thread length. To be installed onto the die head protection cover.





• Die head with extended diameter


equipped with specially fitted die holders for pitch diameter 100 – 115 mm (GM 07-100 SA).



• Die holders for extreme pitch angles





• Die holders for left-hand threads




• Thread cutting oil


We recommend and supply Mobilmet 766 cutting oil to our machine customers. The oil is sold in canisters of 25 liters.


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• Grinding fixture for dies


For standard tool– and surface grinders but can also be applied on ordinary grinding machines. It is essential to use the grinding fixture in order to achieve a precise sharpening.



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