Spare parts

We supply a complete stock of standard thread-cutting dies. Special thread dies can be delivered upon request.


Spare parts for the GM 07, OK and EMB-2AR are always kept in stock for fast delivery. We keep a limited stock of spare parts for older discontinued thread cutting machines. Any parts that are not in stock can be manufactured. All our tools, spare parts and accessories are made in Sweden and meet the bench mark for quality that HMV is known for.


If you want more information about our tools, parts and accessories or if you want to place an order, please contact your HMV machines supplier or JBL Mekan AB.

HMV® HSS thread-cutting dies

For ⌀ 16 - 100mm, ¼" - 2"


Cutting speed up to 20m/min*

High quality threads

Long tool life

The tried and tested regrindable HMV tangential thread-cutting dies are optimised for extremely easy starting action, easy thread cutting and clean-cut threads.


The dies are made of high-speed steel, permitting high cutting speeds, high quality threads and long tool life. The dies can be used for thread-cutting at cutting speeds of up to 12m/min (appropriate coolant must be used).


We will upon request manufacture dies for any threads, standard or per your specification, for diameter 16 - 100mm, ¼" - 2".


We offer (as an option) a special anti-stick coating for all dies that prolongs the life span and better performance. With the coating, the dies can be used for thread-cutting at cutting speeds of up to 20m/min (appropriate coolant must be used). Some materials have a tendency to stick to the cutting teeth. The coating minimizes this problem.


We also offer dies with two-step chamfering, optimized for threading reinforcement bars.


Metric threads per Swedish standard SS 1700, preference 1 and 2.

Inch threads per Swedish standard SS 1713, preference 1 and 2.

Withworth pipe threads according to SS-ISO 228/1.

Mobilmet 766 cutting oil

Superb machining performance

Excellent lubricity

Broad multi-purpose capability

Light transparent colour

Anti-mist formulation

We recommend and supply Mobilmet 766 cutting oil to our machine customers. The oil is sold in canisters of 25 liters.


Mobilmet 766 is used for tapping, threading, milling, gear shaving and shaping, broaching, planing, parting-off and automatic lathe operations.


Mobilmet 766 is a extra high performance neat cutting oil. It is chlorine-free it is intended for severe cutting operations especially on difficult to machine steels. The oil is not recommended for use with copper and it’s alloys due to its aggressiveness towards these softer yellow metals. In comparison with other leading premium cutting oils, Mobilmet 766 has demonstrated superior surface finish, extended tool life and control of built-up edge. Its light colour enables the work area to be seen during machining operations. Closer tolerances are consistently achieved. The oil is formulated to prevent the formation of oil mist in the vicinity of the machine tool, thus contributing to a safer and more pleasant working environment. With the benefit of comprehensive development testing using modern machining equipment, plus extensive customer evaluations, Mobilmet 766, has become the product of choice for many machine shops.

We also offer..

Die holders for left-hand threads

Die holders for extreme pitch angles

Chamfering dies

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