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HMV (short for Hultsfreds Mekaniska Verkstad) was established in 1917 and manufactured the first thread cutting machine in 1918. In 2003, the company was bought by JBL Mekan AB and incorporated by the same. Both companies resided in the same building and had had a long lasting collaboration. JBL Mekan AB was established in 1989 and currently occupies a 2500 square meters facility in Rosenfors, Småland which is located in the south east of Sweden. JBL is a key sub supplier of metal components for the machine industry in Sweden. The company has also manufactured speciality machines even prior to the acquiring of HMV.



HMV has been known to set the bench mark for quality which is one of the reasons why customers have chosen our machines. Our goal with the HMV machine program is to serve our customers with the best possible machines in terms of economy, ergonomics, safety, quality, reliability, efficiency and user friendliness at a competetive price.


The main aim with our new machines is to be the best in the class in terms of total economy.


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